Wk #11 – Classmate Conversation – Alexandria Sandoval


This week for my classmate conversation I had the pleasure of meeting CSULB sophomore Alexandria Sandoval. Alexandria is currently working towards a kinesiology degree in order to become a physical therapist. I really enjoyed talking to her as we both had quite a few things in common! First off we both were student athletes in high school and still continue to play our favorite sports even though we both had to stop playing due to injuries. However while I played volleyball in high school, Alexandria ran track and field AND played soccer! I honestly have no idea how she did this as I absolutely HATE running, but I also think it’s great for her as it’s great exercise. Along with sharing an interest in sports, both of us have siblings. Although I have to deal with only one frustrating sister, Alexandria has 3. Finally the last thing we have in common is that both of our fathers were in the Marines. I thought it was pretty cool to meet someone else who has a family and life that pretty similar to mine especially because Alexandria was pretty friendly and I really enjoyed talking to her.



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