Wk #10 – Artist Conversation – Amy Duran


IMG_1431 2.JPG

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: Forever By Your Side

Media: Ceramic and wood

Gallery; Marilyn Werby Gallery

Instagram: @Polkadot.pony


Amy Duran is currently a senior attending CSU Long Beach for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Ceramics. As ceramics is one of her passions, her exhibit Forever By Your Side was made entirely of ceramics. Duran’s work displays a fairy tale story of a young girl becoming a woman and discovering herself while learning to let go of her childhood.

The materials used throughout this exhibit were clay and paint that were fired to create her ceramic figurines that were atop moving wooden pieces. Each scene had a wooden lever attached to the base that would allow the audience to move the scene to see different transforming parts of the story. The writing and exhibit both were styled to resemble a fairy tale as every section was introduced by a large golden book placed on a table and light happy music playing behind the scene to induce the fairy tale feeling.

Forever by Your Side is meant to resemble the same journey Amy Duran went through when she transformed from girlhood to womanhood. For example, in her exhibit there is a scene of the young girl standing with her beloved studded animal by her side and when the audience spins the scene they see her transform into more revealing clothing symbolizing her reaching adulthood. Duran’s work showed the audience about how while growing up she had to come to realize that although she would have to let go of her childhood imaginations when growing up, she can still carry those memories with her throughout her life.

I really enjoyed Amy Duran’s exhibit Forever By Your Side as I found it quite unique and it was obvious that lots of work and effort went into her pieces. Clay is not an easy medium to work with and I thought that Duran did really well with the figurines. I also really enjoyed that her exhibit was interactive as not many art exhibits allow you to interact with their creations. However although I loved the visual aesthetics of her work, my favorite aspect of her exhibit was that I was able to relate to her story. Every child grows up and eventually has to struggle with this realization that they have grown out of their childhood and must discover themselves, and I adored the way Duran creatively visualized this story. IMG_1433.JPGIMG_1432 2.JPGIMG_1431 2.JPGIMG_1427 2.JPG


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