Wk #10 – Architecture Art Activity – The Wedge

For the Architecture Art Activity this week I chose to re-design The Wedge. Being a freshman and not fully comfortable with everywhere on campus yet, I had no idea where The Wedge was until we had to do this project. Up until now I hadn’t even noticed it as I usually walk the main path so I was confused as to why it was such a big deal. After seeing this area the only thing I could ask myself was “Why?” “Why did a team of architects when building our school, think that this little walk way was a good idea?” I couldn’t find a good explanation as to why, so I thought of a redesigning solution to the problem. If I were to redesign this area, I would first remove the concrete bench behind The Wedge for the reason that it honestly is a very inconvenient place as it is blocking part of the walk way. Secondly, I would pull back the Wedge away from the planters to make more room for people to walk through. I think this would be a good solution to the lack of room for the path and keep people happy that the Wedge is still a part of our campus. Also, I think a year from now  people would be happy that FINALLY they would have enough room to comfortably walk around that previously inconvenient corner and they would still be happy the cultural artifact was left intact.IMG_1448.JPGIMG_1449.JPG


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