Week #6 – Art Piece Fictional Short Story


*Interactive Sculpture*

Ariel Maldonado

Fired clay, remote controlled glowing LED lights

Approximately 12″ x 13″ x 7″


CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery


As Sam cautiously stepped into the damp and eerie mouth of the cave, he heard the echoing sound of water droplets dripping off of the hardened rock icicles protruding form the ceiling, and falling to their death on the unforgiving rock beneath them. Drip…drip… drip. “We have to find the Fallen Stone, lets keep moving,” Sam says to his best friends Anna and Brett. As the trio continue their venture into the dark endless cave, they begin to hear sounds that let them know they are not alone. Brett grabs both Sam and Anna’s hands and stops suddenly. “What’s up Brett? We have to keep going, the sooner we retrieve the Stone, the sooner we can get the hell out of this creepy cave and go back home,” says Anna. “I don’t know why, but I ‘m getting a bad feeling about this…” Brett replies taking a few steps back towards the entrance. “Nah man we have to keep going, if we don’t find the Fallen Stone before the Soldiers do, then the whole Rebellion has no chance. We have to keep going.” Sam says pulling his two partners towards the mazes of the cave. After a few hours of walking, they decide to take a break and eat some food to replenish their energy. “How do you even know we are going the right way?” Brett questions Anna. “Because we are following the map the Ancients gave us, and they are the ones who paved these tunnels,” Anna replies. Once finished with their meals, Brett, Anna, and Sam pack up their things and continue following the path through the trails leading to the center of the cave. After another hour of walking through the treacherous paths, they reach two massive metal doors extending all the way to the ceiling. Slowly Sam and Anna push through these doors revealing a long set of stairs leading to a podium illuminated by a single ray of light from above the cave. “Great, more walking,” Brett sarcastically remarks as the three begin their ascension up the stone stairs. Reaching the top finally, Sam, Brett, and Anna surround the podium to get a closer look at the Fallen Stone. Shining bright purple, they see the Fallen Stone brightly illuminate the room and then see it begin changing colors. “Wow, I never imagined it could be this beautiful. I’ve never seen a stone that shines as bright as this one before!” Anna exclaims. “It’s amazing! A stone that could change colors from blue to green to red instantly!” Brett says. “Alright guys, lets bring it home…we’ve got a Rebellion to fight!” Sam exclaims as the group begins their long journey home.


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