Week 5 – Automatic Drawing

At first sight I really thought this project would be kinda boring because I’ll admit, I’m not the best draw-er and I get annoyed when I can’t get my drawings to look the same as I picture them in my head. However, this project was so much fun! My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years now and there’s never a dull moment with us, so I knew this project would be perfect to do with him because we would be laughing and having fun the whole time (which we did!). I started out with taping the sheet of paper to a blank canvas, and laying it in between our legs while we both sat criss-cross-applesauce and had our knees touching. Next I grabbed my really nice Pentel Art colored pens and we chose our first color which ended up being green (my bf’s favorite color), then succeeded by red (my favorite color), blue, pink and finally purple. Once we got started, we both couldn’t stop laughing at how random the piece was coming out, but in the end I kinda liked it! Most of the lines are fluid and have the essence of a spiral, while on rare occasion there are jagged uneven lines forcing a break between the fluidity. I really like the colors we chose and eventually I’ll probably color some of the shapes in to make the piece look more absttract, but for now I really just enjoyed the experience of this project. Overall, I really liked the way our drawing came out and I’m totally excited for the next art project we get to do!!


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