Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation -Kathryn Giometti

As the whole class walks around to find a stranger to awkwardly mingle with for their conversations, 2 girls walk up to Gabriela and me, and ask us if we want to trade partners for the project. After talking to them for a bit outside of the galleries, Gabriela and I split up and talk to each of the other girls. That’s when I talked to one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met! Kathryn was super friendly and just all around a genuinely likable person throughout our entire conversation. (In the picture, she stands on the left while I stand on the right). She told me how as a kid, her mom introduced her to dance through tap classes (as her mom was a tap dancer) however she really enjoyed hearing piano music and decided she would like to try dancing to that instead. While growing up, Kathryn also learned how to sing, act, and play the viola, piano, and bass in order to support her career as a dancer. She then told me that she even moved down from Fresno to attend CSULB for a degree in Dance and to join our school’s amazing dance program. As well as attending every-day practice and rehearsals with school, Kathryn also works a part time job at Pieology! She then described to me that she has worked there for around a year now and really enjoys her job, along with the fact that they are very accommodating regarding her school and busy dance schedule. After talking about our sports and school/career goals, we both peppered questions to each other about favorites. She described a few of them to me: the color blue, the band Franz Ferdinand, chocolate coconut water, pasta (she LOVES pasta), and the movie La La Land. But of course the best favorite of hers is the TV show The Bachelor!! Kathryn and I both agreed that Corinne is the worst and most annoying, and that Rachel will definitely make it to the Final Rose Ceremony! We spent a ton of time talking to each other about the Bachelor because of course, its both of our favorite shows! However while my favorite girl on the Bachelor is Danielle M., Kathryn’s favorite is Vanessa. In the pictures, Danielle M. is on the left, Vanessa is in the middle and Rachel is on the right. After talking to each other about the Bachelor for a while, our friends caught back up with us and we realized it was time for us to go back to class. Overall I am so glad to have met Kathryn as she will definitely become famous with all of her talents and engaging personality one day!! I wish her the best in her dancing career, and hope to see one of their team’s shows soon!

Kathryn Giometti’s Blog:     https://kathryngio.wordpress.com/


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