Wk#2 Classmate Convo- Jorge Hernandez


Oh crap. It’s already 12:53 and I now have 7 minutes to begin hiking from my volleyball class in lower campus all the way to the 3rd story of Fine Arts 4 to be on time and actually have a seat to sit in. Wait! Gabriela said she would save me a seat! Oh thank god, I think to myself as I slug my backpack and volleyball bag over my shoulders and begin the exhausting half-jog, half-sprint up the stairs to class. “Wow, I really need to lay off the In n Out,” I think as I am barely able to catch my breath finally reaching the classroom door. I find Gabriela pretty quickly and sit next to her and behind some random guy with his hood on chilling out. Come to find out, that random guy would actually be a pretty cool dude! So after the lecture, our professor tells us to introduce ourselves to another student in the class in order to compose a new classmate blog post. Naturally, since I’ve already talked to Gabriella on my left and unfortunately we can’t use the same partner, now I have to introduce myself to another random person. The hooded stranger comes up to me and sits down in the seat Gabriela was in, and introduces himself as Jorge Hernandez. We begin talking about the normal school stuff, and I begin to get more and more impressed as he continues to tell me about his school and career goals. Jorge tells me that he’s a sophomore Biology major and is taking 18 units with his favorite class being Biology (of course!) and his least favorite being Chemistry. I honestly didn’t think he could get more crazy than that, but then he also told me one of his favorite things to is to RUN. At first I was confused and thought maybe I misheard him or something, but after asking him if what I heard was true, he told me that running is his favorite hobby and he usually runs an hour and a half every day. Yeah…EVERY DAY!! Honestly, I have no idea how he does it as the only time I’ll run is if I’m late or being chased by something scary but somehow he LIKES to run. One thing we did have in common though, is we both have puppies! Jorge has a few months old Husky puppy named Hanzo, whom was named by his older brother, who LOVES to chew on everything. Above, there’s a few pictures of Husky puppies because look at how ADORABLE they are! Another thing we also have in common is both of us have siblings. After telling him about my frustrating younger sister, he told me about his older and younger brothers and **for the record** agreed to take my sister so he could have one, as he told me he always wished for a younger sister. In the end, I really enjoyed my conversation with Jorge as he was the coolest hooded stranger I’ve ever met, and I hope he has a great rest of the semester with his crazy schedule! The link to Jorge’s blog is below, and I totally recommend checking it out!



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