Wk #2 – Death by Friendship

We’ve all been there. Where we’ve put our trust into someone who doesn’t deserve it. Where we’ve told someone a secret they shouldn’t have known. Where we’ve laid our heart on the line and then in the end, had it broken into a million pieces as we are stabbed in the back with lies and deceit. This photograph is a literal depiction of that pain and suffering and metaphorical death that we experience when one of our closest friends takes a knife and stabs us in the back with it.


For this project, I used a kitchen knife and fake blood on the back of my shirt to give the appearance of the knife being stabbed in my back. I used the fake blood to make the prop look more realistic, and had the first picture taken from the ceiling of my room. The second is a closer shot so as to show the more intricate details of the scene. So at first I was pretty hesitant about this project because its pretty dark honestly, but the more I thought about it, the more excited I became. Although death is hard to cope with, it is necessary to life. It’s what gives our actions meaning and it’s what gives us perspective. A few years ago, one of my best friends of 6 years betrayed me and lied to my face for months until I found out the truth of what she had done. It ate away every moment of time as I felt as though I had been literally stabbed in the back by her actions. That feeling really resonated with me and gave me the inspiration for this project as now I have a way of visualizing that pain. Although the incident happened about a year ago, the pain she inflicted on me was permanent. As is death. I wanted to use this project as a way of showing people that the pain that is caused by finding out someone you would’ve have trusted with your life is all a lie, is just like feeling stabbed in the back.


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