Plaster Project – #1

Wow! This has definitely been one of the most fun and unique art projects I’ve ever done! When I first was getting ready to start this art project, I was honestly really confused. I wasn’t quite sure how the mold was going to work, let alone what we were going to use to make a mold. I was also really baffled at how something was going to dry on top of sand strong enough to keep the sand and imprints from falling apart. Unfortunately due to work, I was unable to attend the meet at the pier Sunday morning so I was completely on my own. After a dozen google searches and a few youtube videos, I started to understand how this project was going to work. So once I finished my shift at work, I drove by and picked up my boyfriend and puppy and off we went to Rosa’s Dog Beach to begin my plaster project! I started off by filling my bucket with sand while always smoothing the top layer and then placing 2 shells upside down into the flattened wet sand. Little did I know this next step would be the hardest. I had this (what I thought was) simple plan for me to have our puppy Pepper press her paws into the sand to make an impression I could cast with the plaster of Paris. Boy, could I not have been more wrong. I spent over 30 minutes trying to get our puppy to stay still long enough for me to use her paws to make the impressions in the sand. After dozens of failed attempts, I FINALLY got her to make 2 fairly deep impressions into the smooth sand that would be good enough for casting. The picture on the top left is the sand bucket with the impressions before I casted them. The second picture in the middle is of our puppy Pepper who helped me create this piece and nearly destroyed it a few times while it was drying. Eventually, after the 30 minutes it took for the plaster to dry, I pulled my finished product out of the bucket and brushed the front off with a small cheap paintbrush. The plaster dried so hard it was almost as though it was ceramic, I was so surprised! In the photo above and on the right, it is a little difficult to see the paw prints however, if you look closely you can see there is one in the middle and one on the top left by the seashell. This activity was surprisingly really fun and I would definitely go back to the beach to do it again!


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